Worry Free I.T.

We help with everything from getting a website up and going, to making sure that you are secure and protected against hackers and randsomeware. we can make sure you are HIPAA and/or PCI compliant.

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Most Enterprise solutions are very effective, but cost a lot to implement and maintain. We provide those same solutions at a price that makes these strategies attainable for small to mid-sized businesses. We also demystify the cloud, making it possible to setup a cost-effective cloud solution, a hybred solution, or an on premises solution that is within a reasonable price range.

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Great Customer Service

Our commitment to you is to make IT worry free

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Technical Support Solutions

We will keep you running and help you to improve IT process where you need it.

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Web Design and Hosting

Don't have a website yet? Let us help you make one.

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WiFi Enhancement/Security

See how we can improve your WiFi network and enhance your security.

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Open Source Software Solutions

Learn about free, secure, and better software options that can be provided by using open source software. Let us see what software you use and we may be able to eliminate a lot of the cost.

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Contact us with your IT problems and let us take a whack at solving them. You will be pleased with the solution.