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Get rid of software licensing fees.

Open Source is an awesome movement. Developers from around the world use their free time to increase their skills by developing free software. Some of the more well known open source software includes, FireFox, Audacity, Avidemux, Inkscape, the Gimp, Open Office, Libre Office, and many other software packages that are used everyday by both businesses and private individuals. This free software is available to use, alter and distribute, as long as the credit and source code go along with it. This does vary depending on the licensing.

A lot of people use free software everyday, without even realizing it. Most websites on the Internet use Apache to serve HTML to the brower. Android, which is the operating software used on a large amount of the cell phones people use. Many digital signs, which you see driving down the street, are powered with free software.

Using this software, we can create domains, without paying for a Windows Server. We can also provide workstations running free software, eliminating the cost for licensing and upgrades. Free software provided by the open source community is inherently more secure because the source code is looked over by thousands of programmers throughout the world. In this way a lot more issues are resolved in the software and the existence of malware is reduced.

At Redwalk, we recommend using this software wherever possible. Doing so creates less downtime for our clients. We are able to install the software so that it can be tried out. In almost every case, our clients find that the free software is better than the proprietary software.