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We will keep you running and help you to improve IT process where you need it.

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Let us keep you up and running.

Everyday offices across the world run in to IT issues. In some cases, these issues are just annoyances, in other cases it can completely bring the work day to a halt. In any case, it is not something that you should have to deal with, or worry about it. This is where Redwalk comes in; we are there when you need us. We can remote in and quickly fix the issue, or dispatch a tech to take care of the problem in person, ensuring that you are back up and running quickly as possible. That way you can get back to work, taking care of your customers.

While we do support both Windows and OSX, we also support Linux, FreeBSD, and other open source operating systems. Click or tap here to see how open source software can work for you; improving your workflow, strengthing your security, and bringing down your cost.

We will also work with you on a plan to keep things up-to-date, by customizing it according to how you use your equipment and devices. If you need things to stay upgraded to the latest and greatest, we will keep you current. If you need to avoid interuptions and just need things to work, we will provide you with options to rejuvenate your older hardware. We will make sure that the systems on your network stay patched and secure while doing what we can to keep things going, avoiding constant delays to your work day. It all depends on what you need.

One thing that offices run into all of the time, is the need to share files, printers and other resources. We can set up this process to be as worry free as possible. We can provide you with the classic option of a shared location on the network that everyone accesses, or make it so that when a file is saved to a folder it autosyncs to folders on other computers. This is ideal for graphic design or dealing with very large files, as the copy is on the computer and not being shared across a network.

We can also provide you with a virtual server solution to increase redundency, save on the cost of hardware, and make your infrastructure more flexable.

It is our commitment to you to provide worry free IT. We will keep you running and help you to improve IT process where you need it. Find out how we can help you and your staff.